fredag den 21. oktober 2011

My adventures

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Today I went on a one day trip to Malmö along with my mum. Here's some photos and tips, from this wonderful city.
From Denmark to Malmö there's a train that goes across the sea, and the trip is quite beautiful.

Getting hungry? Don't search for long. This cozy place is called "Meze", and for 79 sweedish crown there's a wonderful buffet filled with falafel, hummus and tasteful Arabian salats. Absolutely delicious! - Engelbrektsgatan 13.
In 'Spirit Stores' you find international Marc Jacobs as well as Scandinavian Acne and Filippa K. I just wanted to take the silk shirt and the angora sweater home with me. Also fashionable books and scented candles is to be found in this inspiring 2 floor building - Södra Förstadsgatan 25.   

Also a fan of vintage? Check out this well put together, budget friendly second hand store at Kärleksgatan 3.

Perhaps I should do this with my own magazine covers?

Hah, just had to take a shot of these entertaining "Indians" that was dancing at one of the many squares.

tirsdag den 18. oktober 2011

Turn a shirt into a dress

Loving the idea of stealing your father's, brother's or boyfriend's oversize shirts and turning them into dresses!

lørdag den 15. oktober 2011

Saturday, enjoying the sunshine

Wonderful view behind me, right?
Warming myself with a cafe latte and a crunchy biscotti.
I met the cutest puppy.. awww!

Just some photos from a walk by the sea today. Spending my autumn holiday reading, listening to the wind and working my ass of hah.

lørdag den 1. oktober 2011

3 lovely things on a saturday

Inspring books that I can loose myself in on a windy day. 

The Cover magazine of the month! <3<3<3
My adorable labrador that loves to pose in front of the camera!