fredag den 21. oktober 2011


Today I went on a one day trip to Malmö along with my mum. Here's some photos and tips, from this wonderful city.
From Denmark to Malmö there's a train that goes across the sea, and the trip is quite beautiful.

Getting hungry? Don't search for long. This cozy place is called "Meze", and for 79 sweedish crown there's a wonderful buffet filled with falafel, hummus and tasteful Arabian salats. Absolutely delicious! - Engelbrektsgatan 13.
In 'Spirit Stores' you find international Marc Jacobs as well as Scandinavian Acne and Filippa K. I just wanted to take the silk shirt and the angora sweater home with me. Also fashionable books and scented candles is to be found in this inspiring 2 floor building - Södra Förstadsgatan 25.   

Also a fan of vintage? Check out this well put together, budget friendly second hand store at Kärleksgatan 3.

Perhaps I should do this with my own magazine covers?

Hah, just had to take a shot of these entertaining "Indians" that was dancing at one of the many squares.

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