mandag den 27. februar 2012

I've been in an joyful ecstacy since I got back from Praque last sunday. Everything just seemed better, more colourful and vibrant. I'm not sure if it's because the degrees are finally above 0, or because I'm back from a more greyish city.
Whatever it is, I've been high on life since monday. Almost psychedelic. Not as much as my nailpolish I bought in the Easteuropean city for 50 korona though. And nothing compared to the movie: "Feathering and Loathering in Las Vegas" with Johnny Depp, which is basically one bad trip. But a great movie. One you'd like to watch again, to understand it further, if it's possible. That movie made me want to wear Hawaii shirts and listen to Jeffersson Airplane and The Doors.
I Hope you all had a nice holiday as well!

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